The first step to start earning money with the 2captcha website is to make an account on it.

Click here to create your 2Captcha account for FREE.

Some websites out there solve captchas for spammers as per "The New York Times" report, but the 2captcha website is genuine and clean. You can sign up on it. Pass the basic test using the video in this article below and start working to earn money. 

It is a Russian company, as mentioned in the 2Captcha's Terms of Service.

In this article, you will find a detailed review of 2captcha, the website's track record, the investment required, work to be done, and then some suggestions to work on this website.

Track Record of 2captcha

2captcha website is in the market for more than ten years now. There are few complaints about them that they don't pay and ban people, but as per our research - It only happened because the person was making lots of mistakes while typing the captchas.

The solution to this is to avoid making mistakes by stopping the cabinet if you don't know the answer and starting it again, as shown in the figure below:

Online Data Entry Jobs with 2Captcha - Working Cabinet of 2Captcha
Press 'Stop' when you don't know the answers and Press 'Start' to start again.

Investment Required 

You don't have to pay anything to start working on the 2Captcha website. It's completely free. You can sign up now with this unique link and start working to make some money.

2Captcha Work Review

Basically, captcha typing is the main type of work. You need to type the images that come in front of your computer screen. We call those images as simply 'captchas'. 

To earn more, you can also download the 2captcha Desktop Bot and sign up in the bot to fill Google Recaptchas. This option pays you more.

Infact, 2captcha website pays as much as $1.50 for 1000 correct Google Recaptchas.

You can also work on your android mobile phone using the "2captcha app". and that is a good news for people who only use the cell phones.

How to Earn Money on 2Captcha?

 To start working:
  • Click here to sign up on 2Captcha.
  • Pass the training using the following answers video.

  •  After few clicks, your working cabinet will start and you can begin working by typing the captchas.
  • Now, make a habit of solving captchas for 2 hours daily for 5 days a week or 8 hours daily on sunday and saturdays. You can consider it as a part time job too.

Some Valuable Suggestions

  • Websites like 2captcha pay you money only for the correct entries so you need to make sure you type correctly.
  • The truth is captcha work usually becomes boring over time. So use some music if you're really into this type of work.
  • You need to refer people to increase your earnings from 2captcha. As of now, you can earn 5% of commissions of your referrals work.
  • Avoid any type of 2captcha software in the market as they can get you banned on the website.
  • Sometimes, the captchas would take some time to load. You can turn the sound button 'ON' and simultaneously work on the Kolotibablo website (another captcha typing site) to earn more. Whenever the captcha loads in the cabinet, you will be notified with a sound.
Online Data Entry Jobs with 2Captcha - Sound Button in 2Captcha

2Captcha Payment Proofs

2Captcha Payment Proofs. By the way, 2captcha is on facebook as well.

Online Data Entry Jobs with 2Captcha - 2Captcha Payment Proofs

How to Earn Money Fast in 2captcha?

2Captcha cabinet could be slow sometimes. Captchas would  come slow on your screen. To earn faster, you can download the official 2Captcha software for PC which is CaptchaBotRS.

If CaptchaBotRS doesn't work for you then you can use the RuCaptcha Bot X for your Windows 64.

You can also download 2Captcha android app to work from your mobile phone.

You can also use 2Captcha chrome extension to work within your Chrome browser.

These days, you can also work on 2Captcha Telegram bot in the Telegram messenger.

To download the PC software, android app, chrome extension or telegram bot, you can visit the download section on the 2Captcha website as shown below.

2Captcha Bot Download for PC

By working on any of the above software, you will surely earn more than working in the 2Captcha cabinet.

How to start working on the 2Captcha softwares?

To work in the 2Captcha software, you will need your unique client key. Don't share this client key with anyone else as they might steal your money.

To find your 2Captcha client key, go to Dashboard and scroll down, you will find 2Captcha client key in the "Solve Captchas" section.

Now copy your client key and paste it in the software and press 'AUTH' button.

How to withdraw your earnings from 2captcha ?

You can withdraw your earnings from 2captcha in cryptocurrency or in USD. There are many wallets in the payout section of the website.

Online Data Entry Jobs with 2Captcha - 2Captcha Withdrawal Methods

From all these options, I recommend you to use AirTM. 

Use this special link to make your free AirTM account.

AirTM Money Offer: After verifying your AirTM account, If you add funds 3 times each of $5.00 USD value or more in your AirTM account then I will send you $1.00 USD in AirTM for FREE.

Thank you so much for reading till the end of the 2captcha Review. Did 2captcha paid you as well? How much do you earn from it? Please tell us in the comment section below.

Online Data Entry Jobs with 2Captcha FAQs

Q: How much can you earn from 2Captcha?

A: To earn good amount of money with 2Captcha, you need to solve captchas yourself i.e for an hour daily and side by side do blogging and create videos on the topic to get referrals for the website.

Q: is 2Captcha illegal?

A: 2Captcha is not illegal. There is no law out there that makes it so. Moreover, it is mentioned on the website that 2Captcha services are used for research based captcha solving only.

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