Data Entry Jobs in 2021 Complete Guide

I started looking out for data entry jobs in 2017. This guide is a result of my 3 years of effort. I understand it could be quite difficult for you to start working on data entry projects as most of them could be fraud. So, let me give you a list of genuine data entry sites that provide you work and ofcourse timely payments.

Top 4 Genuine Data Entry Jobs Sites

  1. 2Captcha
  2. Kolotibablo 
  3. ProTypers 
  4. CaptchaTypers
These data entry jobs websites actually provide you payments for the amount of work you do. Just make sure you fulfill their criteria.

You can register on all these websites and can also try to work simultaneously but if you just want to start with one then I suggest you to start with 2Captcha.

Data Entry Jobs Site: 2Captcha

Data Entry Jobs Site - 2Captcha

When you register, there will be a simple test of 40 to 50 questions that you need to qualify. Once you qualify the test, you will be allowed to start working.

You can use the video below to pass the test.

You can also solve captcha on mobile phone using 2Captcha mobile software.

To increase your earnings, first sign up here and then install 2CaptchaBot from here.

Quick Tip: If you don't know the answer to a captcha then please stop the software and restart. This way, you will never be banned.

Use this link to read the complete guide on 2captcha website to learn how to work properly with it.

Data Entry Jobs Site: Kolotibablo

Data Entry Jobs Site - Kolotibablo

To start your data entry work with, use this special link to sign up When you register with them, you will be required to generate an account pin that will help you to safeguard your account.

Apart from data entry jobs, also provides social media jobs and other micro jobs. Before doing such jobs, you are required to qualify the tests first.

Kolotibablo also has their android app on Google Play Store.

Quick Tip: Do keep the generated 'pin' safe because if you lose it then you might not be able to withdraw your earnings.

Please read Kolotibablo complete guide to learn how to work properly on this website and earn money.

Data Entry Jobs Site: Protypers

Data Entry Jobs Site - Protypers

When you register on protypers, the first thing you will notice is their software is faster than 2captcha and kolotibablo. They quickly ban the individual if the person is not careful with his typing job.

You can use their desktop software - Typer Solver to work from your computer instead on their website.
To get their desktop software, you need to sign up here and start working.

Quick Tip: This site provides you payments in Paypal. Unlike others, they are able to send you timely payments on paypal.

Please read Protypers complete guide to learn how to work properly on this website and earn money.

Data Entry Jobs Site: CaptchaTypers

Data Entry Jobs Site - CaptchaTypers

The captcha filling software is slow for this website. 

In CaptchaTypers, you need to make a team of referrals or affiliates to earn more.

Quick Tip: Captchatypers are able to provide payments directly to Indian Banks. So, if you're an indian and want payments directly to your bank for your work then captchatypers could be the best platform for you.

The best thing about the above data entry jobs site is they provide remote work without investment. 

CaptchaTypers Payment Proof

Please read the CaptchaTypers complete guide to learn how to work properly on the website and earn money.

Sometimes people say they are scam but you just saw the payment proofs above. If they were to be scam then how would I have received these payments?

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Do you also do captcha typing for data entry? How much have you earned? Do you have any doubts? Please tell me in the comments below, I'll try my best to reply.

Thank you for reading my data entry jobs in 2021 complete guide! Wish you Luck!

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