Were you looking for some online data entry job from home without investment?

 Look no further. because is here to provide you with the job.

"Working on CaptchaTypers also means accumulating referrals by promoting your link in a pleasant manner using a blog, quora, medium, Reddit, and other social media platforms. Promoting captcha typers referrals will help you earn more over a period of time."

They are in this field since 2009 and you can always join their Facebook group to seek help for any doubts regarding the work.

CaptchaTypers also have a telegram group where they share the need for more types during their peak hours. You can start your work when the telegram group shows the highest rates for solving captchas in the day.

No investment

You don't need to invest any money in captcha typers to make some. Just register and start working. You can also work on their desktop app.

3rd party software is not allowed.

Trying to use 3rd party software except the software provided by captcha typers can get your accounts banned. So, don't abuse their servers and try to earn in a clean way without the use of any 3rd party software.

Minimum Withdrawal

Minimum withdrawal is $1.00 USD in CaptchaTypers and can be withdrawn with various payment methods like an Indian bank account, perfect money and bitcoin.

How to Work on Online Data Entry Jobs with CaptchaTypers?

The first step to work on captcha typers is to register as an admin on the website.

online data entry jobs with captchatypers admin registration on captchatypers

Registering as an admin is meant to set payment details, track earnings, and request the payment.

After creating an admin account, you also need to create a worker id with captcha typers to start your data entry work.

How to create your worker id?

Login using your admin username and password. On the screen, click on Master and then click on Employee Master.

online data entry jobs with captchatypers - Master - Employee Master

Then fill the details in the form and press submit to create the worker id.

online data entry jobs with captchatypers - fill the form to create worker id

Worker ID Created

In the same way, you can create 10 such ids and make a team of 10 people to work with you. For yourself, you can use one worker id to work on the website.

How to set up your payment details in admin?

The first step to set up your payment details is to log in to with your registered admin email.

Now, on the top, see "Payment", click on it and now click on "Request Payment".

request payment option on captchatypers

Scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on 'Edit' and enter your payment details. You are allowed to enter 3 payment methods as shown below.

edit payment details on captchatypers

Now, your payment details are set. If you want to request payment you can click on the "Send Request button". They will send you the earnings if your accumulated balance is $1.00 USD or more than $1.00 USD the day before the payment requesting day.

How to check your earnings in the admin panel?

Go to Reports > Track Employee as shown below.

track earnings in the admin panel on captchatypers

Now, enter 'From Date' and 'To Date' in mm/dd/yyyy format and you can check your earnings as per captcha type as well. 

check earnings in admin panel on captchatypers

Online Data Entry Jobs with CaptchaTypers - Payment Withdrawal Methods

There are 6 payment methods in CaptchaTypers.

1) Perfect Money -  Helps you have USD, EUR, GBP and Bitcoin in one account.
2) Webmoney - Best to sign up for you if you're from Russia.
3) Bitcoin - Earn Bitcoin for Free.
4) Neteller
5) Vietnam Bank
6) Indian Bank

If you're Indian then this site can be the best for you to work as it allows you to withdraw payments directly into your Indian bank account.

Recaptcha and Text Captchas in CaptchaTypers

To work on Recaptcha, you need to download the captcha typers software from the instructions page and for working with text captcha, you can log in to from the worker id that you created and click "captcha entry" or "captcha entry all" to start working. 

Temporary and Permanently Banned ids in CaptchaTypers

While working, if there are lots of time-outs because of not typing the images correctly within the 15 seconds, you may face a temporary ban of 10 minutes.

If you type garbage then your account can get permanently banned and no payments are sent to the ids that are permanently banned.

Online Data Entry Jobs with CaptchaTypers Referral Program

Don't miss on earning more money by referring others to join CaptchaTypers with you. To promote your referral link. I would suggest you create your own blog and promote it through Quora, Medium, Reddit, Pinterest and other social media.

Some people on some captcha typing data entry sites are able to make $3000 USD in commissions only from the people they referred. 

So that's all about captcha typers, register as an admin and start earning!

All the best!

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  1. Will they pay only in indian bank?

    1. They pay everywhere. for eg when you go to 2captcha. they pay in Airtm as well. Here is a signup link for Airtm where you might earn more money.


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