Finding genuine online data entry jobs is not easy but Kolotibablo is the jobs site where registration is free of cost. . Below is the payment proof of the same.

Kolotibablo Payment Proof

1. How to register on the Kolotibablo Website for free?

  •  Click here to sign up on kolotibablo.
  • Scroll down and click on 'Start Working' as shown below.
online data entry jobs with kolotibablo : start working on kolotibablo

  • Enter your name and e-mail ID and press 'Register'. as shown below.
Online data entry jobs with Kolotibablo - Enter your name and your email id

  • You will receive a confirmation link with a code to reset your password in your registered email id. click on that.
  • That's it. You're registered successfully.

2. How to Work Properly on Kolotibablo Website?

First, let me teach how to solve simple captchas with Kolotibablo.

Open your account and click on Work on Web Tab.

Online Data Entry Jobs with Kolotibablo - How to work on Kolotibablo Part 1

Now, there are few things you need to know, these are - account balance, discount % and loyality level.

Whenever you are working and speed of captchas become slow, you can offer some discount to kolotibablo to keep getting the captchas at a faster rate to solve and earning more money.

Next is your account balance, Kolotibablo finalizes your money after you solve around 500 - 600 captchas.

Lastly, Loyality Level is the bonus money that you get for solving captchas consistently.

Currently, my loyality level for this month is 2% i.e Level 1. This will help me earn 2% extra on th solved captchas.

Online Data Entry Jobs with Kolotibablo - Kolotibablo Cabinet

If you're not sure about the answer of the captcha then you can skip the captcha. If you're not able to see the captcha clearly then you can click on 'Can't Know' button as shown in the figure below.

Online Data Entry Jobs with Kolotibablo - Solve the Captcha to Earn Money

See, how many captchas you need to solve to get loyalty levels from the image below.

Online Data Entry Jobs with Kolotibablo - Kolotibablo Loyalty Levels

So, I recommend you to form a habit of solving 1000 captchas daily so that you really reach a good bonus loyality level and earn more money.

3. How to Earn More Money on Kolotibablo Website?

 You can earn money on the kolotibablo website by-
  • Solving Image Captchas.
  • Solving Google Recaptchas.
  • Solving Rotating Captcha Tasks
  • Doing Captcha Moderations.
  • Doing Screenshot Moderations.
  • Solving Custom Captchas
  • By following people on Twitter.
  • By retweeting Twitter tweets.
  • By getting referrals (10% commissions per referral)
You need to qualify for some of these in the 'More Jobs' section of the website. 

Kolotibablo also has their app on Google Play Store where you can solve image captchas to earn faster.

4. How to Withdraw Money from the Kolotibablo Website?

To withdraw your earnings, make sure your "master pin" is correctly set. Go to the account page in the website and click on change pin. 

You will receive a code in your email.

 Enter the code in the dialog box on the kolotibablo website. Now set the 4 digit pin. Please remember this pin or keep it safe somewhere. 

Now, set your method of withdrawing money from the website.

 There are 5 methods of withdrawing money from the website.
  • Cryptoswapp
  • AdvCash
  • LiteCoins
  • Internal Transfer - This is used, if you're working as a team with others.
  • Paypal - Minimum withdrawal is $50.00 USD for Paypal.

From the 5 methods above, I recommend you to use the Litecoins method of withdrawing money.You can withdraw it to your cryptocurrency wallet that supports litecoin.

You can click here to signup on Blockfi and store your litecoin in it. It is useful because it will give you some interest on your crypto deposits. If you're having a coinbase account like me then you can shift all your crypto to Blockfi to earn some interest.

BlockFi Interest Rates on Crypto Savings
BlockFi Interest Rates. Signup and Deposit $100.00 USD Crypto to Earn Your Reward

Blockfi Offer : When you sign up on BlockFi and deposit $100.00 USD of crypto (i.e. bitcoin, litecoin etc), you will receive $10.00 USD worth of bitcoin as a reward.

If you don't want litecoin and want your earnings in your currency then you can send the litecoin to a peer on Airtm

Use this special link to register on Airtm. You can send litecoin to a peer on Airtm and the peer will send you the amount in your native currency i.e. USD, RUB, EUR, INR, PKR  etc. in your bank account.

Read: What is Airtm? How to set it up and make money with it?

When you select litecoin and enter the wallet address, you will require to enter the master pin that you did set in the steps above. Don't share this pin with anyone on the internet otherwise they can steal your money.

Online Data Entry Jobs with Kolotibablo - Kolotibablo Withdawal - Enter Your Master Pin

5. Investment Involved

There is no money to be paid. Kolotibablo registrations like you read above are 100% free and I think it will always be.

Some people earn around $100.00 in a month on the website. This requires lots of hard work but it is very much possible. Did you also earn $100.00+ from the website. Please let us know in the comments below.

6. Kolotibablo Referral Program

When you start working on the website on the various data entry jobs, soon, you will feel a need to earn more.

At that point, I would suggest you to pleasantly promote your Kolotibablo referral link on blog (set up a blog for yourself like this one), promote on quora, on youtube and in your facebook community as well.

You can generate your referral link under the referrals tab at the top.

Online Data Entry Jobs with Kolotibablo : Kolotibablo Referrals

For inspiration, see the earnings of top 100 referrers on the kolotibablo website. It is over $100.00 USD per month for some people.

Online Data Entry Jobs with Kolotibablo - Top 100 Kolotibablo Referrers

Join our Online Data Entry - Captcha Entry Facebook group to stay in touch with other awesome money earners.

Thank you for reading online data entry jobs with Kolotibablo complete guide on mydataentryjobs.

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