The first step to work on protypers is to simply signup on the website.

Click here to create your protypers account for FREE.

Below are the helpful screenshots for you. To create your account, click on Free Signup as shown below!

Protypers signup

Now, you need to fill the form completely to submit your details. After entering your details like email address and password correctly, you need to solve the Google reCaptcha and press 'Register'.

Fill form on protypers

To receive your payments, you can use your Litecoin wallet address. I'm recommending Litecoin as a withdrawal method for you because it has the lowest payout of just $1.00 USD.

BlockFi Offer : If you deposit $100.00 USD worth of crypto on Blockfi in one go then you will get $10.00 USD worth of bitcoin free on the second friday of the same or next month. If you've crypto in your coinbase wallet, you can transfer it to your BlockFi account. It is safe and secure. 

Now, after successfully registering, you will get a email validation link mail from protypers on your registered email id. Please click on the link to verify your account.

protypers email validation

Now, let's learn how to properly work on the protypers website so that you don't get banned and you earn as well on the website.

How to work on Protypers the right way?

To begin your work on the website, you need to simply login to your account with your email and password that you typed at the time of signup.

Online Data Entry Jobs with Protypers - How to work on Protypers properly

Now, as the account opens up, simple click on "Start Working"as shown below.

Start Working on Protypers

Now, you will get image captchas on your screen and you need to type them correctly in the box. To start, try to correctly type only 1 image captcha for every 15 seconds.

Once you're comfortable with solving 1 captcha in 15 seconds, you can tick mark the dual mode to solve 2 captchas in 15 seconds. Solving more captchas correctly simply means more money.

You will face different types of captchas while solving them in protypers website. Please carefully go through the images below to learn what is the correct answer to each captcha type. This will help you earn better by avoiding silly mistakes while solving the captchas.

Image 1 : Correct Answer - conferree icouwa

Online Data Entry Jobs with Protypers images will come one after the other

You are needed to type the text as displayed in the images and press Enter. Images will appear automatically. 

Image 2 : Correct Answer - MASTER akafaiwa

Case sensitive Images in Protypers

Sometimes the images are going to be case sensitive, make sure you type them as required. For example - in the image above, type "master" in upper-case and "akfaiwa" in lower-case.

Image 3 : Correct Answer - House
Partially Readable Images in Protypers

If the image is only partially readable then only type the image that is totally visible to you.

Image 4 : Correct Answer - Press 'DON'T KNOW'

Online Data Entry Jobs with Protypers - Image is not readable

If the image is not at all readable then you may press the "Don't Know" button (you can also quickly press the ESC key to skip the unreadable image.)

Image 5 : Be careful of the timer.

Type the Images faster in Protypers

There will always be a timer running for an image to be solved. Make sure you enter your answer within 15 seconds of duration.

Sometimes, while solving the captchas, you may get tired. Don't worry, you can take rest.

Submit and Pause Features of Protypers

You can always take rest by solving an image and instead of pressing an 'Enter', pressing the 'Submit and Pause' button.

This much information is enough for you to work and earn money on protypers. But, if you want to earn more then continue reading to learn completely about the protypers website.

As you work in the protypers cabinet, you need to understand few things marked "red" as shown in the image below.

Protypers working cabinet

Your Current Rate: This simply means the amount you will earn for solving 1000 images correctly.

Your Balance: This is your earnings.

Contest Participation : You need to tick this to participate in the next contest.

Buy Boostpack: You can click this button to pay a small amount and buy a boostpack. This will allow you to solve the images 3X faster.

online data entry jobs with protypers - protypers boostpack

How does the Boost Pack Work?

When lots of typers are online, the speed at which images come to your screen begin to slow down. When you activate the Boost Pack, protypers will give you priority over all other typers and you will get images before everybody else.

What is Auto-Boostpacks?

Boostpacks are limited. When you press 'Auto-Boostpacks' option in the work cabinet, you will be enrolled automatically for receiving a boost pack.

TyperSolver : Typersolver is the desktop software to solve images on the protypers platform.

"Submit Answers" Button : This will help you submit your answers. You can also submit answers quickly by pressing the 'Enter' on your laptop/computer.

"Don't Know" Button: Use this when you're not sure about the image being shown to you on the screen.

"Submit and Pause" Button : Use this button when you want to take some rest after solving few images.

Dual Mode Option: Tick this option if you can handle 2 images at once. Make sure your speed is good enough to solve at such a high speed otherwise stay with the normal mode of solving the captchas.

In Protypers, you earn typercredits ($TC) to solve the captchas. 1 $TC = 1 $USD.

The rates of solving 1000 images correctly is usually from $0.45 typercredits to $1.5 typercredits.

As per to my experience, if you work on this website daily for an hour and do blogging and create videos to promote your affiliates (referrals), then you will be able to make around $300 - $500 a month.

As per to the website, some people earn around $3000+ Typercredits a month just by promoting protypers perfectly.

TyperSolver - Protypers Typing Software

online data entry jobs with protypers typersolver software

You can earn more on Protypers by installing typersolver.exe software on your desktop. You can actually use the software along with the website and both in dual mode to maximize your earnings.

TyperSolver is available for Windows 7/8/8.1/10

TyperSolver - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is TyperSolver?

A: TyperSolver is a secure desktop application that can help you earn more by providing you the images faster. It also helps you earn more by providing your high paying challenges like the SMART captchas i.e reCaptchas and puzzle captchas.

Q. What are my login details of TyperSolver?

A: Login details are same as your account details.

Q. is it okay to use the software and the web interface at the same time?

A: Yes, you can use the typersolver software and the website at the same time. Just make sure, you're able to handle the speed  while solving the images. If you fail to do so then your account might get a permanent ban.

Q. What are the advantages of using the typersolver software?

A. Typersolver allows you to solve more images and hence earn more. Typersolver also gives you opportunity to solve the Smart captchas and puzzle captchas.

Solving Smart captchas and puzzle captchas is 150% more rewarding than solving the normal captchas.

How to earn more on Protypers?

You can earn more by enabling smart captchas in the profile and payments tab of protypers.

Smart-Captchas require a logical response and you're expected to have basic English skills as shown in the screenshot below.

How to earn more on Protypers

How to withdraw your payments from Protypers?

There are 5 payment processors available -

Paypal - Minimum payout is $3.00 USD.
Western Union - Minimum payout is $100.00 USD.
Webmoney - Minimum payout is $3.00 USD.
Bitcoin - Minimnum payout is $30.00 USD.
Litecoin - Minimum payout is $1.00 USD.

You can choose any one payment processor.

All of these have their own minimum payment thresholds. Paypal has $3.00 USD as threshold and litecoin just has $1.00 USD of threshold (i.e the minimum amount you can withdraw).

Bitcoin withdrawals usually have high transaction fees.

The payments are processed once a week and that is on Mondays around 5:00 PM. It might take up to Wednesday to see the payment in your accounts.

For payment methods like Western Union, payments are made once per month.  

I recommend you to use Litecoin as the payment withdrawal method as it has the minimal threshold of $1.00 USD.

Protypers Statistics

online data entry jobs with protypers - Last contest top 5 and top 200 most accurate typers

On the Protypers statistics page, you will find a list of Top 5 people from the last contest.

You will also see a list of Top 200 accurate typers for the day. The best people get 3 times more typerpoints. The top people will get 4 times more typerpoints than the normal typers.

payout rates per 1000 images - correct and incorrect entries and precision rates

You can also check the payout rates per 1000 images for the current hour. This will help you decide whether to work for the website in the present moment or not.

You will then see a table for your incorrect and correct entries.

At the end of the statistics page, you will find your overall precision rate i.e how accurate are you in solving the captchas.

Protypers Lottery - TyperDraw

Protypers helps you win big prizes with their lottery program called as "TyperDraw".

TyperDraw Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does TyperDraw work?
A: Go to Lottery > TyperDraw
Purchase one or more TyperDraw tickets using the current balance.
All tickets go into a raffle. A winner(s) gets selected.
The winner(s) gets the prize amount.

Q: What are other requirements of participating in the TyperDraw lottery?

A: You can only buy the TyperDraw tickets, if you have been paid before.

Q: When is the TyperDraw winner announced?

A: The winner is announced after 48 hours of the event.

TyperPoints - Protypers Benefit Program

Typerpoints are points that are added to your account for typing images correctly. Later on, you can exchange these typerpoints for $TC balance.

You need to type 500 images correctly per day to obtain 1 TyperPoint and 1 Typerpoint is 1 cent only. You can exchange once you have accumulated 50 typerpoints for 50 cents.

When you want to withdraw your TyperPoints, you need to have 50 accumulated typerpoints and a main balance of $3.00 TC in your account.

Once you meet these conditions, you can click 'Cash Out My TyperPoints!' button to opt for cash out.

Make sure, you never get banned while collecting your typerpoints as it will flush away all your TyperPoints.

Accuracy Point Bonuses

Accuracy Point Bonus is given to top 200 most accurate typers for typing the images correctly.

 Accuracy Point Bonus multiplies your TyperPoints by 3 for the day. For example: If you earn 2 Typerpoints for a day by solving 1000 images correctly, you will be awarded 6 typerpoints if you are in top 200 most accurate typers list.

To come in the Top 200 most accurate typers list, you need to type atleast 500 images correctly for a day and solve them as accurately as possible (more than 90% is excellent!)

Speed Bonus

If you solve your images faster i.e before 7 seconds and you're in the top 200 most accurate typers of the day then you are awarded 1 additional typerpoint in addition to the accuracy point bonus.

Protypers Contests

Protypers makes your typing work fun and exciting by letting you participate in the contests and earn big prize money. The more protypers that participate, the more will be the prize money i.e. typercredits ($TC)

How to participate in a contest?

A contest happens every 20 minutes. To participate in the next contest, you just need to tick mark the contest checkbox in the protypers working cabinet.

After you're enrolled in the contest, an alert shows up with the contest details. Once the contest is done, you can see the details in the statistics page.

Rules of the protypers contest

1. Once you participate, you cannot go back until the contest ends.
2. The prize is based on the total accumulated amount of correctly solved captchas by all the operators.
3. The TyperCredits (prize) to be received by winners is calculated as (Total score / 500)
4. Each incorrectly solved image has a multiplier of 20, that simply means, if a typer solves 1000 images correctly and 5 images incorrectly then 5 images become 5 * 20  = 100.  Thus the total score becomes: 500 - 100 = 400. 
5. Participants who do not win do not receive any typercredits in their accounts.
6. Don't use any third party software.

Online Data Entry Jobs with Protypers Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where is the Request Payment Button on Protypers?

A: Actually, there is any request payment button on protypers. They pay you automatically on every monday eastern standard time (GMT - 5), if your account balance reaches the minimum threshold a day before.

Q. It's Monday and I haven't received my payment yet. is Protypers a scam?

A: Protypers is not a scam. They make payments every monday EST (GMT - 5) by alphabetical order. In some cases, it might take time till Tuesday or Wednesday.  There could also be some problem with your payment processor that you can check in the "Profile and Payments" Tab.

Q. It's monday and I have reached the minimum balance today. Why haven't I been paid out?

A: You need to reach the minimum balance a day before monday to be paid on monday. If you have reached the minimum balance on monday itself, you will be paid the next week's monday. 

Q. You are not logged into your account protypers error. What to do?

A: This basically means, you're temporarily suspended from protypers. This happens when you press "Don't Know" button too many times. Your account will be reactivated in a few minutes. 

Q. My account is banned on Protypers because of Kickouts. What shall I do?

A: You will have 10 chances to avoid a ban. This usally means you're working slower than expected. Please type the images faster. In cases where you're getting kicked out before the timer runs outs, do submit a support ticket at typersupport 

Q. How to change payment details in Protypers ?

A: The process to change payment details in protypers is very easy. You just need to go to "Profile and Payments". Click on "Change Your Payment Method

You will require following information to change your payment method.

1) account password
2) old account address or ID
3) Name on the account or type something that matches it.

Affiliate Marketing with Protypers and your way to earn $3000+ USD per month with the website.

You will earn 10% commissions on your referrals that work under you on protypers.

To start affiliate marketing with protypers, the first step is to create affiliate codes. Affiliate codes can be created by going to the codes section as shown below. 

Affiliate Codes in Protypers

You can create your own affiliate code by clicking the "ADD NEW CODE" button on the far right. Once you do it, a popup appears. You can enter the purpose of the code, say "Quora", if you're going to promote the code on quora and then click on "SAVE CODE".

Any one code is able to handle unlimited amount of referrals but you can create around 10 different affiliate codes like that.

To invite people, you need to create your referral link with the affiliate code as follows.

In my case, it is going to be -

Do include a convincing reason in your promotions on blogs, youtube video descriptions, social media and forums for people to join the website to make money. 

You can view your referrals in the dashboard section of Affiliates column on the left. 

You receive commissions after every 2 weeks when 5 of your intial referrals are paid their money and your commissions have reached a minimum of $3.00 TC.

Make sure that you don't create your own accounts to receive 10% commissions on them as that would be a malpractice and can get your account banned permanently.
Join our Online Data Entry - Captcha Entry Facebook group to stay in touch with other awesome money earners.

Thank you for reading - Online Data Entry Jobs with Protypers Complete Guide. With this, I hope you earn a lot of money and commissions on protypers. Do comment if you have anything to ask. I'll be happy to reply.

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