I know you were looking for an answer to the pressing question that captcha club is legit or not. Captcha club promises to pay you lots of money just for solving the simple captchas. In this post, we will surely find if captcha club is legit or not.

Captcha website review : captcha club is legit or not

Captcha website review : captcha club is legit or not

Captcha club is not legit as per to me. When you solve all the captchas and reach their minimum payout then they will ask you to send them some money first and only after that they will release your payments.

This is a fraud tactic.

Don't give money to anyone if you're looking for a legit captcha typing job. Later in this post, I will tell you about the websites that provide captcha work from home which can be trusted and is legit.

Captcha club payment proof

You may be able to find few payment proofs of the captcha club website but trust me, all of them are fake.

They are just their to give you a sense of neediness to work for the website and fall for their trap. Don't fall for their trap, I would say.

Don't believe in any of the fake Captcha club payment proofs.

Now, if Captcha club is fake then where to go to do the captcha entry work that can give you the daily payout?

Don't worry, I'm just covering that next.

Legit Captcha Typing Job Opportunities for 2021 and beyond

If you're looking for legit captcha typing job opportunities then I would recommend you the following websites. These websites work for Philippines and for the rest of the world as well.
  1. 2Captcha
  2. Kolotibablo
  3. Protypers
  4. CaptchaTypers
All the above websites provide you captcha entry work from home which is legit and by working for 2 hours on each website you can get the daily payout.

2Captcha website was founded in 2009 and it will pay you for all the correct entries. The more captchas you submit, the more will be your reputation on the website. Please read the guide below to learn how to properly work on the 2Captcha website.

Kolotibablo website is faster than 2Captcha and it will pay you for the correct entries only. You can withdraw your earned money in litecoin, bitcoin, paypal and in other methods. Please read the guide below to learn how to properly work on the Kolotibablo website.

Protypers website is fastest among all the captcha solving websites out there. So, start small and start easy by solving only 1 captcha per 15 seconds on this website. Eventually, you can increase your solving speed. Please read the guide below to learn how to properly work on the Protypers website.

CaptchaTypers website is another genuine captcha solving site. It pays you in bitcoin, litecoin and Advcash. You can also request withdrawals in Phonepe, Paytm and Google Pay.

Now, if you want to earn huge money then you can work on the above 4 websites simultaneously. Depending on your comfort, you can work on 2Captcha and Kolotibablo simultaneously or you can work on Protypers in dual mode or on 2Captcha, Kolotibablo and Captchatypers simultaneously.

Hope this much information helps you clarify your doubts.

So, that's all for the captcha website review  and now you know if captcha club is legit or not and what to look for in place of captcha club to earn real money.

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